Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning Fairy cards

Morning fairy cards

The Victorian Papers outlet store in Kansas City yields many gems and surprises. These Morning Fairy cards, with artwork derived from a 19th century Fairy Soap advertisement, were on a rack there. I've never seen these cards in their store or their catalog, and I've been frequenting their store and browsing their catalogs for nearly 20 years now. I was delighted to find this surprise.

I am actually a big fan of fairies, but don't like the cheesy kind - I'm picky about my fairies - and I'm kind of surprised I haven't blogged about fairy cards or stationery before.

One of my favorite things about the small 3.5x5 Victorian Papers cards is the die-cut envelopes with the beautiful back flap, which I hope this photograph captures.

I wasn't able to successfully photograph the back of the card, which has printed Lord Byron's "She walks in beauty, like the night" poem.