Friday, June 5, 2009

More from Red Tango

My snazzy Red Tango order

Here is my snazzy box of goodness from Red Tango, aka You may remember me blogging about the delightful Red Tango set from Dark Horse stationery (see horse and green owl), but I recently discovered that the artist, Cynthia Petrovic, has her own site where she sells more good stuff. That coolio site recently had a free shipping sale, so I bought another Red Tango stationery set PLUS some cool postcards, cards and stickers. (The stickers, unfortunately, only come in the more expensive large size. I wish she had smaller stickers I could put on letters. Cynthia, are you reading this? :-) I love her style, especially her cats (which feature prominently in the cards and postcards).

Even the box it came in was cute:

Red Tango box of snazzy goodness