Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Serious letter withdrawal

I've been away from home for quite a few days now (for me - I'm a homebody who's not much of a traveler) and am experiencing some serious hard-core letter withdrawal. Letters have been arriving in my mailbox - my husband reports daily about the mail call - but I am not there to read them. I am looking forward to being home again, for many reasons (I miss my beloved and our cats!), but missing my snail-mail routine is no small part of it.

I admit it - I've still not written anyone but the aforementioned husband in this brief foray to the heartland. I imagine my letter backlog is becoming quite huge (especially since I already had a backlog before I left). Soon, dear lovely readers and letter-writers, I will delve back into the land of letters wholeheartedly.


  1. Don't worry about being behind in your replies. That can take some of the fun out of all of this. Just enjoy your time away, and worry not.

    All will get caught up, eventually.

    "Dear you,"

  2. Hi. I'm linking the latest post by Wicked Witch of the Web, and I'm linking your blog over at her post!

  3. Lydia, thanks so much for the link! That wicked witch has some interesting thoughts.

  4. heh, it would be fun if you took a picture of your "backlog" and gave us an idea just how many there are. We could all do a "where's waldo" with it. See if we could find "our" letters!

    Liz from Canada

  5. Hey Liz, that's a fun idea! I'll admit I'm gonna be a little embarrassed by it, but since you requested - I'll do it!

  6. ah, no gives us the anticipation knowing that we'll be getting a letter soon, with fun news!