Monday, June 22, 2009

Treasure map letter!

Bedecked with the Jolly Roger

This wonderful letter from a very creative correspondent carried a pirate theme. I have to note that these are not stickers or stamps - this beauty is all hand-drawn.

Part 1: Pirate's warning

Part 1 beckons with a bloody knife and a skull-and-crossbones warning.

Treasure Map letter

Inside, part 1 is a fabulous treasure map. Not only are all the edges decorated with doodles (the legend to a treasure map, really) and witty spellings, but she also creatively crumpled and "aged" the paper. Was it coffee or tea spilled on the paper to stain it? It's a VERY cool effect, and I'm afraid a lot of it was lost in my blurring out the words for privacy. For details, view large.

Here therre be monsters

Gotta share some close-ups of my favorite corners. Love that octopus.

Herre there be treasure

HA! Widow's Peake!

Part 2: message in a bottle

Part 2 (page 2) is a message in a bottle.

skull on Crane

Finally, a hand-drawn cut-out skull glowers from over the Crane marker on the back of the envelope.

What a treat!!