Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bat punch fun

Silver punched bat sealed

A friend gave me a gift of some autumn-themed paper punches last year. There's a cat, two different leaf shapes, and a bat (my favorite, of course). I like to use them on envelope flaps and color underneath for effect. I photographed this process for you...

Soda vogues with the bat punch

...and Soda helped oversee the procedure. (The punch, with the envelope, is at her feet.)

Colored silver area underneath the punch

First, I colored underneath the punch area with a silver gel pen.

Bat punch flap

Then I closed the flap without sealing it just to make sure I had the whole area covered.

The bat punch with its handiwork

Here's a photo of the punch itself on top of the envelope, before sealing - with Soda's paws in the upper right-hand corner. (See how helpful she is??)

Silver punched bat sealed, with Soda

Then, voila! A silvery bat window. (Alas, it's not quite centered, but hey, that adds to the charm, right?)


Soda thinks so.


  1. Clever idea! I have some small punches and never thought of this technique. And Soda looks like she is dubious about the whole thing in the first photo but saying, "Okay, I see the cleverness, but it should be a cat not a bat."

  2. PostMuse, you are entirely correct about Soda's attitude... but she's dubious about anything that takes my attention away from her.

  3. Such a nice way to use punches! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    I'm not a bat lover like you, but I like your bat punch. CAT lover I am, and I love to see Soda in your pictures! :)

  4. I love your inclusion of Soda the cat in your blogs. She is one celver cat! Or is Soda a he? How is Rhode Island this November? I woke up to a little snow this morning in Oregon.