Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cat Postcard swap - go!

Curb your dog

It's finally time! I've been talking about this Swap-bot Cat postcard swap for quite a while now, and now it's game on! I just assigned partners for the swap. Thanks to all my blog readers who are participating! The final tally is 72 participants sending cat postcards to each other.

I figured this had a pretty high chance of happening, but I'm kind of tickled that one of my two partners is one of my own pen pals. Tee hee. She'll get an extra special cat postcard.

Have fun!


  1. wow, 72 pariticpants?!?! that's awesome!

  2. that is awesome and I just adore the book swaps on swap bot . I try to participate if it is a usa only swap on the books because they cost so much to send international . oh well glad you swap had so many participants and glad you are enjoying swap bot.

  3. How funny - I have this card. I received it from a friend in Canada in response to a dog card that I sent to him.

  4. This swap was the first one I ever signed up for and it was great fun! I've got my two cards written out and will pop them in the postbox tomorrow.