Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage stationery spotlight: Laff Letters

Here's the latest dirt!

Tonight I'll share a few views of some of my favorite vintage stationery (a la eBay): the WWII-era Laff Letters.

Laff Letters vintage WWII stationery box

As the box says, "letter and envelope in one," so pretty much a postalette or fold-and-mail concept.

Laff letters WWII stationery - back

The back of each design has a joke that tends to be racist or sexist or both... I guess they are a product of their time.

Vintage WWII-era "Laff Notes" bulletin design

I love the return address space in this "bulletin from" design, and the "atoms for peace" vintage stamp is one of my favorites.

Laff Letters with vintage stamps

I sent the above "last minute news" design to my late grandfather about a year ago - I tried to use a WWII/veterans theme in the stamps, or at least stamps that made sense for his lifetime.