Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just an update

Wow, two whole days without a blog entry? You know something must be up with me!

I was feelin' kinda casual about the whole computer crash thing, since I stored all my data on a nice portable external hard drive. Except my external hard drive crashed two days after my desktop did.

So, I've been in a whiz of laptop shopping, tech mystery sleuthing, and trying very, very hard not to cry over spilled milk... or in this case, lost data. Yes, I was stupid, and I didn't back anything up. I thought this external hard drive was the way to go. Well, I'm still investigating ways to retrieve my data from it, but for the time being I am assuming years of data (music files, photo files, a whole lot of other personal things) are just gone. If I get them back, it will be a boon.

But yeah, I am missing a lot of photos, and I don't have all my old software re-installed on my new laptop, and I may not be able to resurrect some things. Like, I can't find my Photoshop disk... anyway, this is a long and rambling entry to say that I hope to be back in the business of blogging about all things letter, postal, and snail mail... but I'm still working on the numerous high-tech glitches. (Don't even ask me how many letters I've written in the past few days... not many.)

Thank you, loyal blog readers, for all your patience, and I promise I will be rolling back along as the Missive Maven as soon as I can.


  1. Best of luck! And thanks for the reminder to not trust my external hard drive (as it's plugged into my computer right now...)

  2. i'm so sorry. i have a defunct external hard drive sitting in my office waiting for me to try to resurrect it, but i don't think i'm ready to face the reality that all is lost. :(

  3. Are you serious? I just started backing up my files, period, to an external hard drive. And you're telling me THAT'S not infallible either? That's really hard to take. :(

    I wonder if your external hard drive and your desktop computer planned to crash at the same time. Really. Why else would it all be happening now? I hope you somehow figure out how to get all your data back!

  4. Yep - don't use an external hard drive as your only backup. That's what I learned.

    I'm considering some of these online backup services now... with redundant servers...

  5. Aw, I'm really sorry. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year and I would be devistated if I lost my novel. Luckily I've emailed it to myself, saved it to my desktop, saved it to my laptop, and to a jumpdrive. I hope ONE of those things survives if all else fails.
    I hope you get your data back!

  6. This unbelievable coinsidence is really sad. I hope you will survive and will soon get going again! I already miss your nice bloggings! :)

  7. Awh that sucks!
    Good luck with restoring data. I sure hope you succeed and please tell us how you did it....
    I'm having back ups on external harddrives as well. Hmmmmm. get's me thinking.

  8. Try Mozy - I have thousands of photos and really worried about losing them. A Twitter friend recommended Mozy - it's awesome. The first backup is time consuming, but worth it when you have 10 years of photo files on your computer.

  9. Julie - thanks so much for the recommendation! Once I get things in order with my possibly-lost data, I will look at Mozy. Great to hear something someone is really happy with.

  10. Oh jeez.....that stinks! I'm sorry about this whole mess. I hope you can salvage your data....

    Good luck with everything!! >__< Take as long as you need (both with letters and blogging)

  11. Sorry to hear about your experience. Big time bummer. I'm with Julie and have been very pleased with Mozy.

    Good Luck! Hope you get things back to normal soon.


  12. Hang in there kiddo! We're rooting for you!

  13. Okay I am dreadful about commenting, I hardly ever do it, but couple of things here.

    1. The online storage servers are always a great idea..not sure if you are a mac user but backup comes with having a mac account.

    2. After losing oh just a tragic amount of stuff I ended up with 2 externals. I switch them. Not infallible, but it is a system.

    3. Restoring lost data is a very common service nowadays, shop around for it and do not spend more than 1-2 dollars per gig. I only say this because you mentioned music and that is something I have a hard time letting go of permanently.

    Good luck.

  14. Thanks for the support, everyone.

    Girlzoot - I'm not a mac user now though I have been in the past, and I wish I still were. Long story.

    No more than 2 bucks per gig? That sounds pretty decent, that's good to know!