Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just an update

Wow, two whole days without a blog entry? You know something must be up with me!

I was feelin' kinda casual about the whole computer crash thing, since I stored all my data on a nice portable external hard drive. Except my external hard drive crashed two days after my desktop did.

So, I've been in a whiz of laptop shopping, tech mystery sleuthing, and trying very, very hard not to cry over spilled milk... or in this case, lost data. Yes, I was stupid, and I didn't back anything up. I thought this external hard drive was the way to go. Well, I'm still investigating ways to retrieve my data from it, but for the time being I am assuming years of data (music files, photo files, a whole lot of other personal things) are just gone. If I get them back, it will be a boon.

But yeah, I am missing a lot of photos, and I don't have all my old software re-installed on my new laptop, and I may not be able to resurrect some things. Like, I can't find my Photoshop disk... anyway, this is a long and rambling entry to say that I hope to be back in the business of blogging about all things letter, postal, and snail mail... but I'm still working on the numerous high-tech glitches. (Don't even ask me how many letters I've written in the past few days... not many.)

Thank you, loyal blog readers, for all your patience, and I promise I will be rolling back along as the Missive Maven as soon as I can.