Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good post package, direct from PodPost


How awesome are the PodPost princesses? They saw my blog post salivating over this wonderful postcard I received from PostMuse, and as a way of thanking me for the mini-review I did of their book Good Mail Day, Carolee sent me this little envelope...

twine tie

...full of those fine postcards!

Mailbox package

I was kvelling and plotzing all at once, I tell you, to get such a rich and lovely gift. More eye candy:

marvelous mailbox

Now I have mailbox postcards, to fill mailboxes...

Good Post is not a thing of the past.

...with this awesome and uplifting quote.

Good Post quote

Make every day a good mail day!


  1. Oh how WONDERFUL!
    I'm so happy for you, I can imagine how great it has been to receive this packace, which already itself is such a nice thing to receive, and then also the content is like a treasure!!
    I also think you deserved this, because at least I ordered the book immediatelly based on your mini-review!

  2. Thanks, Sirpa! And I'm really glad to know you ordered the book based on my mini-review - I'm sure the PodPost gals would be glad to know it, too. :-) I hope you like the book as much as I do. It's what has made me feel comfortable calling myself a Mail Artist.

  3. that was an awesome pkg huh ? wonderfull I love it when I get awesome pkgs like that . yahoo !!!

  4. I'm so glad good post is not a thing of the past. :]

    I love that they pay so much attention to their packaging as well as what's inside the packages. It definitely makes it *great*.

  5. How cool! I think I'd be torn between using the postcard or framing it to hang on my wall :)

  6. The generosity of others is always fun to see.

  7. Beck - they sent a bunch of postcards, so I can use them AND frame one!