Friday, November 27, 2009

GMD zine: the making of

meta mail art

It is entirely possible that my love-fest for Good Mail Day may never end. It certainly won't, if they keep sending me such lovelies!

In this fabulous meta mail art envelope, they sent me a zine about the making of the book.

Return to Sender

It was delicious, and I probably should have taken more photos of it before I filed it away in the place where happy mail goes.

Good Mail Day zine

Of course it was chock-full of meta-mail goodness. Those PodPost Goddesses rock.


  1. fabulous! i adore that book too! can look at it over and over and OVER again!

  2. I recognized that penmanship instantly :) Jennie is my instructor. Actually, I believe she may have addressed this envelope in front of me in class last week :)