Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goat eats mail

Goat eats mail stamp

Here is a simple little envelope on which I used a few of my favorite rubber stamps.

I adore the mail-eating goat, and of course that's an Edward Gorey bat.

hand placard + Soda in a box

Below the awesomeness of a disembodied hand holding a placard, that's a sticker featuring my cat Soda in a box.

I've gotta keep it simple on posting for a while, folks, and I apologize for missing a post yesterday. I didn't even read my mail yesterday until midnight - no joke. And now I'm dead tired, and it's my busy season which sees me dead tired a lot of the time. So thanks for your patience with fewer entries, and hang in there with me for a while!


  1. As a Capricorn, I must say that I love that goat stamp!!

  2. I also like the goat stamp!
    I bought a nice set of small cat stamps in the weekend, but haven't had time to blog anything after that; I'll try to blog a picture of them today!

  3. I love your stamp choices Missive! I'm currently going rubberstamp crazy after discovering this great Rubber stamp shop in London. 100s of £s have gone into this, so expect rubberstamped mail soon!

  4. Aren't rubber stamps fun? They're so great for people like me, who can't draw at all but love to jazz up mail.