Monday, June 7, 2010

Bat night

Bat night card

This gorgeous letterpress bat card came in from a blog-reader-turned-correspondent, and of course it made my day.

It was quite a coincidence seeing what company made it, because I had just bought some stationery from my favorite store in Harvard Square from the same company. Clearly I'm a fan of their designs.


MOST unfortunately, I was unable to find any website for Saturn Press, so I can't find a way to buy these online. Oh well.


  1. I have some of their cards too. I intended to send them, but I have a really hard time parting with them. They're suitable for framing.

  2. This website does note that they (Saturn Press) does not have an official website, but someone set up an unofficial one for them here:

    Maybe, you can get a catalog!

  3. Oh! I remember using something from Saturn Press a while back ... I think it was coffee related ... and trying to find their website. I made note of the address and wanted to send them a note asking if they have a site, or catalog, or can point me in the right direction for purchasing locally, but forgot. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. Is that store Bob Slate? ;) It's my favorite stationery store!

  5. Labboo - if it's not a website from the own company with an online store, it doesn't count for much by me! Postmuse, I had the same idea of writing them a letter... one of these days!

    Eliza - you guessed it! I favor the Bob Slate on Mass Ave, it's much bigger.

  6. Dear Missive Maven, As I've noted before, I've recently become a frequent reader of your blog. I think it's terribly ironic that the day you posted "Bat Night", I was having a bat buster evict any "visitors" I was having.

    Keep of the great posts.