Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A whale for a rooster


I got this fine handmade envelope featuring a cocky rooster. Very great colors and contrast.


It had a fine red wax seal on the back...


...which looks even cooler close up.


In return, I sent an envelope with a whale and an underwater theme.


I have this great old wildlife photography book that is the perfect size for making sure the animal and photographer's name appear right at the bottom of the flap.


  1. cool mail!
    I should start saving by making my own envelopes (:

    -naddie (swap-bot)

  2. Lovely barred rock rooster! Looks like my favorite rooster, Domino, who met an ill end after making the mistake of attacking my husbands shins with his spurs. Cool envie!

  3. I love the seal. That one is from Atelier Gargoyle in San Francisco. I almost bought it, but went with a different one from a new series they are bringing out. When I finally get caught up I'll make sure to use it on your reply.

    They offer some of the nicest seals I have ever had the pleasure of seeing (and are ultra-fantastic people to deal with). No affiliation. Just really love seals :)