Monday, June 14, 2010

Feedback on blog giveaway rules

I'm curious, and I'm opening up Pandora's Box to reader input.

What do you think about the rules to my blog giveaways? Are they too strict? Too loose? I am particularly interested in the rules for my most recent Very Special Giveaway just for those who've written to me in the past. Do those who qualify appreciate the strictures?

If you want to have a look, here are all the giveaways I've done in the past.

Fire away!


  1. well since I dont ever win any of them , this is my thought on them I think your rules are just fine and everyone should have rules on give aways I mean what would be the point to them if you dont have rules on them ? that is what makes them special is what I am trying to say . I hope that makes sense .

  2. I think the rules are fine. Its your stuff so you can make as many (or little) rules as you want!

    If somebody were to get pissed off because of the rules of a certain giveaway, they should get a more time consuming hobby. :]

  3. I've finally had an opportunity to view your recent blog posts and I love your give-away this week...I think the rules for this current give-away are fitting for this blog =-)

    I second 'phonelady' that there should be a little work involved in getting some free goods, especially if you are paying for the shipping! and the goods you're giving away are tempting me to join the give-away...

  4. Your rules are perfectly fine. In fact it somehow makes it more fun if you have to abide by certain conditions. I haven't entered any because I lack the gene for creativity. I am constantly wowed by what appears on your blog, and then slink off to write another totally plain postcard, without so much as a sticker.

  5. I think your rules are great and I think setting certain parameters makes the contests more challenging and fun. It's your blog, your gifts (an extremely generous set I might add!!) and your rules. Another blogger buddy of mine had a contest where you had to send her a letter to enter. I thought that was super too!