Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jetoy cat postcard

Jetoy cat postcard

I'm quite the fan of the Korean stationery company Jetoy, though I very rarely find their products available in the USA (even online). A couple of etsy sellers offer their items occasionally, but they tend to be quite expensive. So I often ooh and ahh over the wonderful Jetoy cats, not only because they are so beautiful and colorful, but also because I find them so difficult to obtain. I've found Jetoy cat sticky notes and keychains and the like on places like eBay and etsy, but I find the lettersets and postcards much more rare. (If anyone has an U.S. source for online ordering of these babies, LET ME KNOW!)

But a pen pal got her hands on them, and knew I'd love them, so she sent me one...

Jetoy cat postcard in glassine envelope

...inside a beautiful glassine envelope so I could see it the design from the outside!

I did squeal when I opened this one.