Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kawaii kitty stationery with clear envelopes

Clear envelope for kitty letter paper

This incredible kitty stationery came as a surprise gift from a pen pal (thanks, Carroll!!), and I am so very taken with it. I need to photograph the writing paper part, I think, but here you can see that the envelope is clear so that the design of the paper shows through. Neat-o!

Clear envelope for kitty letter paper

I have seen glassine/vellum type clear envelopes in the past that are some kind of paper, but these envelopes are actually plastic. No ripping these guys! It does take a special sort of pen to write on them, but that's okay, I've got some handy, of course.

Textured glossy address with Sakura Glaze pen

This is the perfect medium for Sakura Glaze gel pens, which write with a thick plastic-type ink that dries to a glossy, textured surface, which I think I captured pretty well in this photo. One must write very slowly with the pens to get a nice, thick ink line, but it's a sort of zen experience, writing an address really slowly.