Monday, July 5, 2010

Astounding calligraphy + amusing comics

Best. Address. Ever!

This very talented blog reader has written me in calligraphy before, and it was such a treat to hear from him again! I think I want to frame this envelope, it is so magnificent. And I love the feather flourish at the top.

Wax seal with white-ink return address

The return address is beautiful, too, and the sealing wax matches the ink.

I know you want a closer look at that eagle seal:

Wax seal: raspberry eagle

Dazzling! Now, someone might be able to tell me why the crowned eagle is sticking out his tongue? That must have some interesting significance.

Letter-writing comics

This kind blog reader's ostensible purpose was to send me these very amusing comics about letter-writing; they're fun, but I enjoyed his writing far more!

Calligraphy letter

Indeed, the whole letter was that incredibly beautiful.

How can ANYONE think that an email could ever equal THIS?


  1. I LOVE that script! Is it Spencerian? I so wish my handwriting was half as nice. And the comic strips are great, too.

  2. The calligraphy is indeed gorgeous. I found myself musing, "do I think I could learn to do that?" Oh dear gods, no. I don't need another "interest." I'll content myself with admiring your mail, dear MissiveMaven.

    I love the comic, and I will save my "letter writing has never been lost" rant for another day. I just finished writing 24 notecards (I don't write long letters ... just postcards and notecards) and I'm feeling pretty good. Only 103 more pieces of mail and I'll be through the June incoming.

  3. JP - I don't do calligraphy myself, so I couldn't tell you what kind of script it is. Spencerian seems a good guess.

    PostMuse - Yay, I have proof that someone sends and receives more mail than I do!! :-) I guess it's my longer letters that hold up my output...

  4. Mine is mostly postcards because of the Orphaned Postcard Project. But, I do write a lot more notecards these days. I see a trend developing. I used to write just postcards. Then started wanting a little more room so got into writing notecards. Now those are starting to feel a bit confining ....

  5. *dies* i am so jealous of that beautiful penmanship! also, i've always wanted to have my own wax seal!

  6. I am drooling over the beauty of that envelope. It is simply striking. Oh for such a flex nib AND skill! I'll wreck my keyboard if I look any longer....

  7. great comic! I find myself smiling and ready to write a few more letters after reading that.

    Yes, astounding calligraphy. It amazes me that people can write so beautifully even in this day and age (especially because I'm way too clumsy to learn to!) Lucky you!

  8. That is beautiful writing and I love that seal.

    If you look at eagles on any coat of arms (that I have seen anyway) they have their tongue sticking out. As far as I know it has no significance but if you look at photographs of eagles with their mouth open the tongue is always in that position (but not protruding).


  9. The hand is my (fairly orthodox) ornamental Spencerian script; I studied with Michael Sull (

    PostMuse - I recently had some correspondence sheets made with the assistance of the ever-helpful Ms. Pearson-Lynch of my local Crane's. They're twice the size of correspondence cards, and fold over once to fit in the same size envelope. They solve my usual problem with the cards--viz., that they invariably hold one sentence less than what I have to say.

  10. And when I first saw the seal I thought it was the Prussian Eagle. The Germans and Austrians really liked to use eagles as their seal.

  11. This handwriting is truly beautiful. My own handwriting is just a bit above tragic. I am trying to improve. What a gift this writer has!
    Thanki you for sharing.

  12. I love the handwriting, it's gorgeous

  13. Someday I hope to have such beautiful Spencerian!

  14. Ilona, I think the "eagle" is a gryphon/griffin.

    That is indeed an incredible specimen of Spencerian script. And the white ink (and white sealing-wax) never ceases to stop my heart a little. Love it!