Monday, July 5, 2010

Astounding calligraphy + amusing comics

Best. Address. Ever!

This very talented blog reader has written me in calligraphy before, and it was such a treat to hear from him again! I think I want to frame this envelope, it is so magnificent. And I love the feather flourish at the top.

Wax seal with white-ink return address

The return address is beautiful, too, and the sealing wax matches the ink.

I know you want a closer look at that eagle seal:

Wax seal: raspberry eagle

Dazzling! Now, someone might be able to tell me why the crowned eagle is sticking out his tongue? That must have some interesting significance.

Letter-writing comics

This kind blog reader's ostensible purpose was to send me these very amusing comics about letter-writing; they're fun, but I enjoyed his writing far more!

Calligraphy letter

Indeed, the whole letter was that incredibly beautiful.

How can ANYONE think that an email could ever equal THIS?