Friday, July 2, 2010

June stats

In continuing the outgoing stats listing, here's my June output:



Total out

I recently mused on whether or not I should post incoming stats. I am still on the fence about this, and I am certainly not going to keep a regular count of how many letters and postcards are in my infamous "pile." (That would be the Needs Response pile, that is.) Out of curiosity, though, I did check my records (I keep this in a notebook, just for me, of what postal items I receive each day, from whom, from where, and date postmarked), and although I did not take the time to count which were letters and which were postcards (I can tell you there were more letters than postcards, but not precisely how many), I can report that I received a total of 79 items in June. So... I just barely put out more than I received! Hooray! Postcrossing postcards do skew these statistics a bit, especially since they do not generally receive mail responses either way, but since Postcrossing just sent their own handy stats report, I know that I sent 18 Postcrossing postcards in June and received 15.

I think, for now, I will not post a running tally of incoming, the way that I do with outgoing, but perhaps I will list the total incoming once the month is wrapped up, the way I have done this month. Or maybe I won't. We'll see.

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Oh! I totally forgot to mention, also, that I am super-duper psyched that I've hit 200+ blog followers now. ZOWIE! Thanks so much, everybody!!