Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cat postcard from Japan

Cat postcard from Japan

This excellent cat postcard came to me from Japan via the Cat-cards #3 swap on Swap-bot. I get a lot of crappy cards from Swap-Bot, but this one really delighted me - something about the composition and illustration style make it one of my favorites.

Excellent Japanese stamps!

Also - it had killer stamps! I am loving the elephant holding the heart-envelope, of course.


  1. It is a charming postcard. I've received some of my most favorite postcards via Swap-Bot, but usually they are from the Handmade Postcard Group, which is a fairly small group.

    I used to join lots of the "blank postcards in an envelope" swaps back in my early days but those exchanges almost always disappointed me so I stopped joining. Too many of the general site swaps result in less than lovely packages.

    I think lots of people use the site to unload their crap on others. The group swaps tend to be better because the habitual unloaders can be identified and removed from the group.

  2. I just adore the elephant and the green beetle stamp.
    I also like the colors on your beautiful cat postcard.
    On the postcrossing site forum I seem to have better luck receiving better postcards on that site vs. swap-bot.
    I'm off to Payson tomorrow with a friend to get out of town for the day.
    Maybe I will find some cool postcards on this trip.
    Take care.

  3. I haven't checked out Swap Bot, but might need to take a look.

  4. yes the japan stamps are so creative and nice . I love the card too thanks for sharing and posting this .

  5. Does Soda like it? I think there is a resemblance...

  6. yay, you're back! <3 this is a really neat postcard, i like how it's modern, yet traditional looking. :] the elephant stamp is SO cool!
    - L