Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost moved!

Guardian of the boxes

Well, I've not been writing much mail in the past few days, because my move is in high gear now. We have access to the new place and I can start to move things in today - no way am I packing all my bottles of fountain pen ink, those get a hand carry, thank you very much! - and the moving van comes on Monday morning.

The cats are all very much upset, of course, and this photo was taken a while ago... now there aren't enough unused boxes left to make a perch for Soda (who is nervously cleaning herself next to me on the couch right now). Just a few more days of real limbo, and hopefully we'll all be feeling at home in the new place before too long.

I finally bit the bullet yesterday and packed my stationery. Eeek! No postcards for me going out now, though I do have a hand-carry bag of some stationery essentials, and of course my fountain pens in their case get a hand-carry, too.

And I think I'd better quit blogging now, and start some transporting of the aforementioned items. If you want to send any good thoughts, please send them to my 3 cats, who will just not get over their nervousness for a while, no matter what we do. Moving is harder on cats than people, for sure.