Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gorey galore-y

Stampy Gorey card with envelope

Here's some blog reader mail art from someone who shares my love of Edward Gorey! You can see the envelope below the card, which had some beautiful flower stamps on it.

Hand-stamped Gorey card

And here's her hand-stamped card, featuring a moonlit extravaganza of frolicking Gorey characters - complete with bats! Yay. I love the Gorey bat. I have that stamp, too, but I probably don't use it often enough.

Gorey-stamped envelope

I broke out some Gorey stamps of my own for the envelope I sent back to her.


  1. Hey, a Gorey penguin!!! Where can I get one of those stamps?

  2. Zuzu - the card at top was one I received, so I do not own those stamps. However, I don't see a penguin -? I see a cat holding a heart, and the Gorey creature "The Doubtful Guest." Perhaps you're seeing one of those as a penguin?

  3. I love the fairy stamp that is just awesome !!!!

  4. Those stamps are so rad!

  5. MM - Oh, I guess I think The Doubtful Guest looks like a weird penguin. It does have a scarf! Oh well . . . :o)

  6. Yes, it is the doubtful guest. He is one of my fav. and the cats.
    Ok. all of the characters I like. lol!
    Love the stamps and the stationery!
    I hope you received mine in the mail from last month or so?
    It's Edward Gorey themed.
    Have a great summer vacation.

  7. Stephanie, I'm away from home right now so I can't check my mail pile. But I do believe I recall your Edward Gorey themed mail...

  8. Kewl!
    I hope you had a relaxing vacation.