Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Issue with commenting

Hundreds if not thousands of Google Blogger blogs seem to be experiencing this same problem, but FYI - comment approval is all wonky. I am seeing comments that I am unable to approve due to an internal Google error, and the comments may be disappearing without being approved. Basically I can see them in email but not my Google dashboard. This morning I have around 12 new comments, and I've been able to approve and publish only two of them. The problem started yesterday and is much worse today.

So, my apologies to anyone who has left a comment that isn't showing up. Yes, I do require approval on comments, but the only comments I ever reject are those that are deeply offensive, trying to sell something, or are creepy-stalker towards me or someone else on the blog. (It doesn't happen often, but... it does happen.) Please don't give up, and I will let you know if I find out any resolution from Google Blogger, where I, like multitudinous others, have reported the problem.