Saturday, July 24, 2010

My name in sparkly red letters

sparkly red letters

This fine handmade envelope came from the lovely Zoë. I am so taken with those sparkly, puffy red letters! They were sticking on very well, and must be low-profile enough not to cause problems in any sorting machines. I was a bit surprised they came through so unscathed, because they definitely have a texture that sticks up from the envelope.

handmade envelope with sparkly stars

Zoë made this envelope herself, and she has become quite the devotee of making her own envelopes: she even has a fairly new etsy shop, strandedhero, where she sells her handmade envelopes and photo postcards.


  1. my first mail on your blog! That's so exciting :) I'm glad you enjoyed them, I love those stickers too and they went perfect with that microscopy envelopes. I'm glad to know they traveled safely. thanks for linking to my shop, I really appreciate it :) good luck moving too.

  2. gotta love the handmade envies . I make mine out of maps .

  3. Hey Zoë - I've blogged about your mail before!

    My pleasure linking to your shop. I had meant to do it earlier... and good luck with that lovely endeavor.

  4. lovelove this envelope; the more red, the better. and that's so cool that the puffed up stickers stayed in one piece through the postal systems! <3
    - L