Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back home with mail (and cats)

Postcard nap

I had a lovely vacation, and now it's good to be home. Instead of photographing my awaiting mail pile (34 items received in the week I was away: 16 postcards, 18 letters), I thought this view of Soda asleep on my received postcards was even better. Of course she was very possessive of both me and my mail.

I've now read it all, and will share honestly that I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with mail. On my vacation, I reconnected with the joy of reading... I am always a reader, but I haven't given myself permission to sit down with a book during the day lately, because there are always letters waiting. (The exception is reading in bed... I can't fall asleep unless I've been reading for a while first.) Well, I need to handle my packing, moving and general stress right now, and reading has been a great escape. So I'm going to continue to write as much as I can, while still enjoying the task... and ask my blog readers to understand. Yes, I probably got your letter. Yes, it is probably sitting in my needs-response pile, which is very well over 100 items now. (Please, I'm not even going to count it again.) I will respond as I am able, and my turnaround time seems to average -- eek, average -- about 3 months. This sucks for you and it sucks for me, but it's the way I've gotta cope right now. My letter pile is huge and I am not going to make it go away completely, so I'm just going to enjoy each letter as it comes and goes, and try to be zen about it. Thanks for understanding... and I hope you are having a Good Mail July.


  1. Your kitty looks very happy to see you, and indeed possessive of you and your mail.

    I do hope you are able to remain Zen ... it would be a shame for the bliss of your vacation to be fleeting. In letters and in life, there is enough time. There simply is.



  2. Zen is a good way to be. I feel for you, while at the same time thinking how ironic it is. There are people who receive no mail, and there you are drowning in it! I was going to put you on my mailing list, but I will hold off for now. Perhaps there is someone else reading this who would love to receive a letter? Let me know if that's you. :-)

  3. What a lovely picture of Soda again!
    When you are on vacation, you should forget all responsibilities and routines, so of course you are not writing letters as much as normally! Just forgive yourself and relax!
    Summer hugs from Finland both to you and Soda!

  4. *big hugs for you* boy do I know the stresses and how they go and such.

  5. wow sounds like you had a good time on vay cay and hope you are finally settled .

  6. I took several bloggers advice and emailed Erroll Murphy. You're among the folks of course. Sending a check on over to him today. I'm gave him a few ideas on stamps I'd be interested in, but didn't pick a set theme or anything. It'll be a total surprise to see what I get. :)

    You're like the Katherine Hepburn of letter writing. So many words, so little time and all the while staying lovely. :)

  7. Thanks for all the kind comments, folks.

    Phonelady, I laughed out loud at your comment - finally settled? Nope! We don't even move for another week yet. Argh.

    Kaz, you're right, it is indeed totally ironic. It is especially ironic because when I started this blog a year and a half ago, I was one of those people who really wanted more mail! Having been on both sides of it, I have to stress that there is no reason why anyone can't find themselves getting plenty of good mail. It requires two things: patience and persistence. I have a whole sidebar set of blog links called "How to find people who might write you back;" some are free and some have a fee, but I am sure you'll find a number of pen pals from at least one of them. Also - you may have learned yourself that starting your own letter blog, or at least writing a letter to all those wonderful people who blog about letters, is often very fruitful and rewarding. So, anyone willing to keep writing letters will eventually find a good return on them! (And if you want to drown in them, start a mail blog and post 3 times a week every week for a year! Ha.) Seriously, there is such a great community of letter-writers here in the blogosphere that I feel quite confident in saying there are plenty of people out there who are very enthusiastic about writing letters. :-)

  8. I've been wondering how you could not be overwhelmed by all that mail. Yes, it should be a relaxing, fun activity, but even those kinds of activities can get overwhelming. I think I'm going to slow down my search for new penpals right now - my own 'needs response' pile has about 5 letters in it, and that's a good amount for me to not stress out about. I couldn't imagine much more than that!

    Point being - glad you had a good vacation! And I'm adding all my support for zen and reading.

  9. Thank-you for your thoughtful reply. I'm actually getting a good flow of mail through my letterbox these days - but not yet drowning in it, so I am still happy to take on new correspondents. There are certainly a lot of resources for us letter-lovers on the net, and having my own blog has also drawn mail to me. It brings such joy to get a letter from someone who's enjoying my blog - I only wish I'd done it sooner. :-)

  10. I'm sure your letter recipients understand completely :) I do hope your move goes smoothly and you manage to unwind nicely. The stress of moving is immense isn't it? Don't let letter writing become stressful too, take a break, read, enjoy a cup of tea and relax :)

  11. Do what is best for you. I wouldn't want you to get burnt out with letter writing :-)
    Keep on writing in your own pace and enjoy both readign and writing.
    And since I love books - what are you reading now?

  12. Loved the photo of Soda...stay in your Zen place...letter writing should be fun and stressless...:):):):)I don't have nearly the pile of letters that you have to answer but can relate somewhat when my pile starts to grow...but one day at a time and one letter/postcard at a time...I hope your move goes well...enjoy the moment and reflect on that wonderful vacation you just had...:):):)
    Be breezy...

  13. Hanna - I'm reading Tamsin by Peter S. Beagle right now. You can always spy on what I'm reading and what I've just read because I have a sidebar link called "Recent Reading" which shows covers of my 8 most recent books. I use my LibraryThing account as a reading journal, so my current book is always in the top left corner. I've had a fun stretch lately!

  14. I totally agree with what Hanna has to say.
    Do what is best for you.
    Letter writing should be something fun not overwhelming.
    Go at your own pace. Don't burn yourself out.
    I have been enjoying this really long crime book, The Girl Who Played With Fire. It has over 700 pages.
    Yep! my summer challenge and I have been enjoying this book.
    Very cute photo of your cat checking out your mail.
    Maybe Soda is reading your mail? lol!
    Take care.

  15. Hello! Thanks so much for the offer of Book Mooch points! That's so sweet of you. My account is I can't believe I've gone nearly three decades without knowing about fried green tomatoes. They are sooo good! x