Monday, July 5, 2010

Time to pack!

Soda helps pack

I have avoided mentioning this for fear of having to explain, incessantly, that MY MAILING ADDRESS WILL NOT CHANGE, but --
I will be moving soon.

(Dollars to donuts, someone is going to ask for my new address anyway. I don't have a new address. It's the same as ever, because I don't get my mail where I live. It's a rented box. Creepy stalkers can find my mailbox but not where I live. And my mailbox is guarded by scary creatures all the time. So don't even think about it, creepy stalkers.)

This will cause yet still more backups in staying on top of letters, which is why I'm trying to churn out so many now. Plus there's a vacation in the middle of July, I'll be away for a week, and then will move verrry shortly after I return from vacation.


But anyway. I just thought I'd show these cute photos of Soda "helping" me pack. Needless to say, the cats are NOT enthused. They know what the boxes mean - we've moved numerous times in their lives. Blah. We've promised them fun new cat furniture at the new place...

I am putting off packing my stationery and writing supplies until the VERY last minute, though!

One more time: please don't ask me what my new address will be - it doesn't change. My pen pals can write at the same address as always.


  1. Good luck with the rest of your packing! Looks like your cats are enjoying it :o)

  2. Love the photos...what is it with cats and boxes they just love to jump in no matter what it is...we buy them all sorts of toys and stuff and what do they like...a box! :):):)I hope all goes well with your move and it's not too stressful on eveyone...:):):)

  3. Oh, I wish you good luck with your packing -- we are also moving at the end of the month and I am NOT looking forward to the process. I AM looking forward to the views from our new place though (ocean AND mountains). Hey, what's your new address? (JOKE! Bad one. Couldn't help myself.)

  4. Hey Ilona, I forgot to ask you in my letter which I'll be sending you soon but, what's your new address?
    Ah, I just noticed carrie beat me to the joke. Drat. :)
    Anyway, I can relate since I'm moving later this month. I really don't want to pack away my stationery! I hope your move is stress free!

  5. OK, it's true... I brought these new address jokes upon myself... :-)

  6. Does Soda have a new address?

    Empty Box By Sofa
    Missive Maven's House
    Planet Earth

  7. Hi Ilona I know how time consuming moving can be remember I just moved from florida to ohio . Good luck with your move and I hope all goes smoothly . I will be moving again in march or april to a nicer and better apt .

  8. Good luck with the move - as someone who has moved too many times to count I'm never keen on the sight of cardboard boxes - but these cute pictures of Soda I do enjoy seeing :) All the best!

  9. Good luck with the move. Actually i am making a move myself in november with my husband and his job in the air force. we are heading to north dakota. but i hope we can keep in touch and if you need me im here for you.
    the pictures of soda are cute.
    Ria x

  10. Looks like Soda has EVERYTHING under control and you can sit back and relax.

    I hope that everything goes smoothly.

    See you at the mailbox!!

  11. In the first photo Soda has a look very much like my Amber when she sees our suitcases come out. "Oh no. Not again." She hates it when we travel and leave her alone. Of course, she refuses to cuddle when we are here, but at least she can scorn us and have us know she is scorning us. She is a very wonderful cat. Just a bit thorny.

    Letter in the mail to you tomorrow. I hope it forwards to the new address.


  12. I'm sorry your kitties are not happy about moving, but it sounds like they are getting a great deal with the new kitty furniture, not to mention the cool new address of "empty box by sofa" ;)

  13. Soda is SO. CUTE. My dad commented, "He probably thinks that's his new house."

  14. Good luck with your moving project!
    - Soda is always so helpful!

  15. I just love the photos of your cat, Soda.
    It looks like he is having fun hiding and playing in the boxes.
    Good luck with your move.