Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I got my unicorn gmail sticker after all!


Remember when I was first excited about gmail stickers, and then when I received them I was totally disappointed? I lamented the lack of a unicorn sticker to any correspondent who could put up with it, for quite a while... because really, it was all about the unicorn.

One very kind correspondent actually GOT a unicorn sticker and didn't even want it, or she took pity on me, and she sent it to me! Hooray! I will keep her nameless for the kindness, lest she be mobbed, but it made my day. I mean, the unicorns are awesome, the rainbow is awesome - and even the little shell border for the address has a rainbow motif.

Gmail unicorn sticker in my log of letters

I gave it prime placement right at the front of my current letters log.

Thank you, unicorn fairy!