Saturday, September 19, 2009

Supersonic Shag

Supersonic envelolope with supersonic stamp

I have blogged about my love of Shag (that's the artist, Josh Agle) before, but not until I searched around on here did I realize how little I've talked about his fabulous stuff. I write letters on his offerings from Dark Horse comics quite a lot, but I guess I don't blog about them nearly enough. (So many letters, so little time...) This set is called Supersonic, and it's peppered with very slinky hipsters doing groovy things. There is kind of a travel theme, but also kind of not - some rocking out to record players and other such things show up in the set. I just adore Shag's artwork and style.

Anyhoo, I wrote the letter featured in this blog entry in response to fabu pink-enveloped letter from the gal behind Goodnight Little Spoon. Her letter to me was so beautiful that I had to liven up even this Shag envelope with a little glitter-glue bling.

Mind the stewardess

As I noted on the back of the envelope, I chose the supersonic flight stamp to match the "supersonic" stationery theme, but it doesn't say supersonic on it anywhere, so that's kind of an inside thing.

From a sheet of vintage stamps, I snagged this "mail early in the day" advice, which is now completely moot with today's sorting methods (I think).


  1. love the little airline attendant with the mail early sign too cute my dear . absoloutly fabulous !!!

  2. Don't forget that, back in the day, if you were sending a letter across town, you could send it in the morning and have it arrive in the afternoon.

  3. Chris - I know! And, back in the day, wasn't there mail delivery twice a day?

  4. I too adore Shag's style...but I have to ask, what is with the pointy boobs?!?!