Monday, September 7, 2009

Mistress of the cemetary

artwork stationery

Back when I posted about this awesome letter bat I received, I forgot to show you what the envelope contained! One of my favorite artists over at Damaged Goods often sends me letters featuring her fantastic artwork - lucky me!

This gal is decorated with some metallic highlights, too.

cemetary lady

I hope this closer look does her justice.


  1. wow what an awesome piece of artwork . You are so lucky my dear as to all these awesome pieces that get sent to you . Great blog . Thanks for sharing this .

  2. Wowzer! This is absolutely brilliant! What a pleasure to receive a piece like this in the post!

  3. ! I love her coloring. Is she like a vampiress, to go with the letter bats?

  4. Thank you, mischief :^)

    Glad you liked it, Ilona!

  5. Actually, she's just a gothic gal who decided to take the scenic route on the way to the masquerade ball.

  6. Ahhhh but maybe she meets a vampiress on her way. Who knows?