Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Love Snail Mail: another source for pen pals

There's another letter-writing website out there, but it exists specifically to connect other letter writers and provide pen pal connections. I already correspond with a number of members, and although I proceed with caution with anything really new and anything free, if you're looking for more pen pals yourself, you should check it out.

We Love Snail Mail

I just joined up in order to have a look around (heaven knows I don't need more pen pals!!) and it seems pretty cool. I've already complained vociferously to its powers that be about the required entry of your birthdate in order to join - but I've been told it's a required element of the pre-packaged software, so there's no way around it. I just lied about mine.

I haven't explored it much, but again, I'm not really seeking. If you're itching for more letters to write, I can vouch for quite a few of the existing members there that they are already loyal and dedicated pen pals, so go have a look. It's free!


  1. *gasp* You lied?! What, did you put 2009? Or 1900? Otherwise people might believe you and send you gifts on the wrong date. ;)

    I've been looking at the site, I might join sometime...

  2. Hee hee... I think I asked it not to show the birthday anyway. I told it not to show my age.

  3. Although I am a member of the site there are some on there that I have written to and have not written back and it has been months so take it from there . It is a good site somewhat it has put me in touch with some over seas pen pals which i enjoy very much since it is different . Oh well great blog dear and have a great day .

  4. No matter where you go or whom you write, there's always someone who doesn't write back. Such is life and such is mail...