Friday, September 18, 2009

I want to be a kitty.

Mutts fold and mail

Today I bring you yet another design from the lovely world of Chronicle Books stationery: Mutts fold and mail.

I wasn't really familiar with Mutts before I saw this, but the artwork is very cute and should appeal to both cat and dog lovers, I think. Even the animals themselves are a bit confusing, but from the context of the cartoon I know this is a cat. Couldn't cover up the little guy in the top right corner with a stamp...

I want to be a kitty.

On the back is this wonderful comic that is actually a lot easier to understand before you fold it up: it's a battle/joyfest between a kitty and his favorite "little pink sock." He thrashes about with it, loves it, and falls asleep. Then his owners express sentiments that I often share: "I want to be a kitty." Ah, to be a cat...