Saturday, September 12, 2009

Insufficient facts always invite danger, Captain

Insufficient facts always invite danger

I promised more Star Trek postcards, so here you go.

I love these guys. The captions really enhance the kitsch factor of the images.

By the way, these are available from Chronicle Books.


  1. To quote McCoy quoting Spock, "To coin a phrase, fascinating."

    I have this set as well; here are some more reasons this set is so awesome and everyone should buy it:

    - Spock out of his mind
    - Orion Slave Girl (this card alone is worth the price of the box)
    - that crazy Gorn

  2. Oh yes it does it is so kitsch . I love the postcards and the hubby loves star trek . He watches it every time he can .

  3. Chris - every time I even look at "that crazy Gorn" I start laughing. It's the translation... That one will be saved for someone special who needs a laugh.

    I am loving these postcards so much that I'll probably end up buying another box!