Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage bikini on a log

Vintage bikini postcard

What's up with this posed studio shot? Is she supposed to be sitting on driftwood? No matter, this is one of a few lovely fine vintage pin-up postcard I got from eBay. Red polka dots are cheery.

This one went to a friend in Florida.


  1. Oh i do like that bikini though classic . I love the vintage post cards I really should get that thing under control . thanks for sharing and posting this . awesome find my dear .

  2. Maybe she's at one of those beach bonfires with Annette Funaceli (or whatever her name is from the beachy movies).

  3. Bikini on a Log... it is a drink that involves peppermint schnapps, tequila and a tootsie roll. Only takes one and everyone is Annette Funicello.