Sunday, August 1, 2010


I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Here is a happy Soda, showing how well she is settling into our new home. (Pizza is a moving ritual for us, and Soda likes to get up close and personal when she is unsure.)

There are still a few boxes around, but we're nearly there. My stationery is halfway unpacked, and I believe I shall complete that unpacking (along with a slight reorganization, of course) this afternoon.

I don't know yet where outgoing letters will sit - we don't have that fun staircase like we had in our old apartment, but I'll figure something out soon. I also don't yet know where my prime letter-writing space will be... we'll just have to live here a while to find the best domestic patterns for this new space.

Thanks for everyone's kind moving comments and good wishes, and I hope to be back in the groove of regular mail posts soon.

Meanwhile, Happy August!