Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I has a writing desk!

I has a writing desk!

We letter-writers often ask, talk, and blog about our letter-writing spaces. I love seeing posts on others' blogs about their writing desks, or where they typically write (check out this awesome post about writers' rooms from The Guardian - thanks for the tip, Queenie!) and in my prior apartment, I pretty much wrote at the dining room table. It was sunny and big, and a very cheery space, but of course I had to clear off for meals and games and such, and remove all my piles altogether when guests came. So I didn't feature it on blog posts, and was envious of other folks who had their own spaces just for letter-writing.

But in our new house, I have my own dedicated writing desk! I am so excited. Of course it is just for letters, but my cutting mat and pens can stay there, though I am pretty dedicated to keeping it as uncluttered as possible. (We'll see how that goes.)

New writing desk, with requisite glass of cabernet

The random white lattice is part of the room, and we can't move or remove it. I can't decide whether I'll stick things in the lattice, or not... right now, I'm leaning towards not, because I can see through it to the set of half-stairs behind it, and occasionally a cat will come and meow at me through there, which I find utterly charming.

Sunroom & writing desk

And here's the context, to show my little writing nook in our larger sunroom. The on the far right are sliding-glass doors that look out to the back yard, and they face west, so it does get quite sunny in the afternoons.

It is a new space that inspires me to write letters, and I have all the tools at hand to do so (drawers undereath! I have drawers! I've just begun organizing stamps in there...) close at hand.

I think it's time to go write a letter...