Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vote for Memo!

Fat Memo in the rocking chair

This is only tangentially related to letter-writing, inasmuch as my beloved fat cat Memo does occasionally help write letters (and more frequently displays his beautiful girth on my amusing photo stamps), but I've just entered him in the Moderncat Big Kitty Photo contest, and he needs your help to win!

He is #75, listed as Memo P. Katt.

Please go here to vote for him - I'd really appreciate your help and support!

If he wins, he gets an awesome Scratch n Slumber Comfort Lounge, especially for big cats. Competition is fierce (the first round has 204 contestants!), and I don't think he has a chance without a little help. Thanks for giving a hand to my fat boy Memo!

Update: thanks for all your help and support, everyone... Memo did not make the finals. :-( I really appreciate all your comments and votes, though! We had fun.