Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July stats

I wasn't quite as prolific in July as I was in June, but considering I was away for a week of vacation and I moved at the end of the month, I am still feeling good about my output:



Total output

In July, I received a total of 104 (!) items, though I know from my Postcrossing stats report that 23 of those were Postcrossing postcards. I also know from my Postcrossing stats report that 23 of my sent items were Postcrossing postcards, so those sort of cancel each other out, I suppose. Anyway, I was clearly behind on staying ahead of the in/out mail curve.

I guess this would be a good time for me to say that I am just spreading myself too thin, mail-wise. Things are about to get very busy for me again in other aspects of my life, and I have not been doing right by my long-term pen pals. So I hate to say it, but I really have to: I can't take on any new pen pals now. If you want to write to me, then by all means do so, but I can no longer say I shall respond to every letter I receive. Please use my "How to find people who might write you back" section (left-hand sidebar, under the old U.S. Mail logo photo) if you're looking for more pen pals. I still love blog reader letters, I probably always will, but something's gotta give at some point. I'm not even going to COUNT my needs-response pile right now, but it's got 4 large piles (waaaayyyy too big for one single pile now) of letters and postcards dating back to February.

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