Saturday, August 21, 2010

Van Gogh envelope, ripped

Van Gogh air mail plus rip

This wonderful handmade envelope (containing a wonderful letter!) came from the lovely Queenie and the Dew. (She blogged about it when she sent it, too.)

Alas, do you see the rip in the bottom?

Van Gogh air mail plus rip part 2

Maybe this angle shows it better.

The rip part 1

Here's a nice bottom rip view...

The rip part 2

...aaaand one more. Fortunately the letter itself and one of the fun inserts (a flying butterfly, which for some reason I forgot to photograph) arrived safely, but after reading the letter I learned she also enclosed a pencil. Maybe it was the rigid object in the sorting machines, but the pencil escaped through the rip somewhere on its transatlantic journey. Oh well - the letter was lovely!

Kitty looks out

On the back was this AWESOME kitty sticker, one of those that changes views depending on your angle/perspective.

Kitty looks up

I think the kitty-looking-up view is the cutest of them all.

Double vision kitty

I leave you with kitty in double vision. Happy Saturday!