Sunday, August 8, 2010

Magnificent Muppet Monsters!

Kermit envelope

Here's another fabulous letter by my favorite Muppet-artistic pen pal. (I've blogged about his previous offerings, including a Sesame Street artwork postcard and a Shockingly Muppet-licious letter.) The stationery is "Mailing the Muppets Keep-in-touch kit," released by the U.S. Postal service in conjunction with the Jim Henson/Muppets stamps in 2005.

Sam the Eagle guards the back of the envelope

The generally disapproving Sam the Eagle guards the back of the envelope.

Magnificent monster doodles, page 1

Around the edges of each page, inside of each little orange square, he drew his own monster doodles...

Magnificent monster doodles, page 2

...inspired, as he writes, by Walt Kelly, Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, etc.

Need a closer look at those doodled dudes?

Monster doodles, closeup 1

I know I do!

Monster doodles, closeup 2

What a treat!