Friday, August 27, 2010

Reader response: Decent high fashion exists

Real curves envelope

This charming blog reader letter came to me in response to this post featuring scary (to me) fashion models.

Real curves model envelope on its side

My astute beloved pointed out that the model had been posed leaning over just to make her stomach fat into rolls... had her spine been straight, we would not see these rolls. So it is a bit sensationalized, but still - I will take this any day over an emaciated anorexic!

"Decent high fashion exists" letter

I have left the text of the reader's letter visible because I found her comments so insightful that I wanted to share them. (I hope she doesn't mind, and if she does, I hope she'll let me know!) It reads:

Missive Maven-
I really enjoy your blog, fountain pens, and fashion. After your recent post, I thought I would send you some fashion magazine images that aren't terrifying. I don't normally read fashion rags (the street fashion blogs are much more diverse and therefore interesting), but this one had Gabourey Sidibe on the cover. So I gave it a shot. I found good photos with different sized models who weren't looking a)vacant, b)violated or c)dead. Yes, it was a "size issue" and I'm sure they do this to sell magazines, but it was still refreshing. There were also interviews with artists and actresses who talked about their craft (gasp). I'm with you on distancing yourself from bullshit, but I hope you find this somewhat repairative. Decent high fashion exists.

Hear, hear! This letter absolutely made my day; I hope it makes someone else's day, too.

Meanwhile, go have a look at Operation Beautiful, and then go write a letter. ;-)


  1. Operation Beautiful seems like a good idea -- but the opening blurb on the blog mentions that it is meant to leave notes/message for women to find. Yes, I know image issues are usually associated with females, and there is a blurb at the bottom of the site that "men leave beautiful notes too" BUT: I really like the idea of beauty being inclusive for everyone.

    People will often comment on little girls being cute, while the appearance of boys is not really commented on so much, past a certain age. The concept of beauty seems to be applied almost exclusively to women. There are so many beautiful boys and men out there. Guys are beautiful too!