Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Desert postalette

desert postalette - mailbox goodness!

Behold the lovely desert postalette, feeding my meta-mailbox cravings. It is a touch close to the "cutesy" side for me, but the mailbox part of it really did it for me. I wish that these items, which the eBay seller said didn't smell like smoke to them (and they said they weren't a smoker - have they no NOSE??), didn't reek of old cigarette smoke. Blech. They are getting a treatment in a closet covered with scented soaps, which I hope will help a bit.

But check out the internal story. Above, she's pulling the letter out of her mailbox by the cactus...

desert postalette

...and on the back, she's riding away reading her letter. The gold stickers for sealing these postalettes (like a fold and mail, but don't actually close up on the sides) came with the set.

Now, does anyone know if that's a donkey or a mule? I'm betting mule but I don't really know.

I also don't really know how old these are, but based on the style of the artwork, they classify as "vintage," I think. I'm betting 60s or 70s, any other guesses?