Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More stuff on my cat, this time with doughnuts

Stuff on my cat fold and mail

Just some more Stuff on My Cat fold & mail stationery from Chronicle Books. Look closely in the color stripes: those are little poodle silhouettes. Nutty.

Stuff on my cat fold and mail: doughnut surprise

Mmmm.... doughnuts. (They're felt.)

That's my cat Memo stretching his arms on the cat photo sticker.


  1. Aw, isn't Memo cute?! He looks very much like our late lamented No. 2 Cat. I love your stationery, it's another of those things difficult to find readily in the UK, I am so jealous! ;)

  2. I would complain about doughnut abuse, but those pastries are clearly fake. Thankfully.