Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giddily pleased with 3-color gel pens

Edward Gorey: She danced on the sands Giddily

Here we have a recent Edward Gorey postcard I sent, called "She danced on the sands Giddily" from "The Glorious Nosebleed," an Edward Gorey postcard book from Pomegranate Books. I am posting more about the embellishment than the postcard itself. Look closely, or view large, and you'll see I added some "color" to the ends of her scarf, her turban and the tips of her feet. (Yes-yes, I know, I'm not terribly creative or artistic, but it was fun.) I did this just for an excuse to play with my new Zebra Super-Marble 3 Color Changing Gel Ink Pens from JetPens. They're gel pens filled with 3 different colors, so you never know what blend of the three is going to come out of the pen. It's a heck of a lot of fun. Take a look at the JetPens description to get a view of the Blue-Purple-Red pen (scroll down for full effect and photos), which in my opinion is more of a pink-purple pen in practical application.

Showing off those 3-color gel pens

I have 3 of these pens, and above you can see each used differently for writing (or underlining, in the case of "Giddily"). These puppies are SO much fun, and they look different on light and dark papers. For a buck-fifty each, I'm hooked.

And hey - for once, I'm not taking about fountain pens!


  1. Aha! I had a pen like that a few years ago and had never seen another one since. Thanks for providing the link!

  2. These pens were something I was totally fascinated by a few years ago, I wrote an entire journal in just these pens. Having done that I think the only thing I would have to say is that they last longer for decorating as I would burn through them lickety-fast for journal writing.

  3. I loved these pens. I wrote through two of them and the third stubbornly dried up.

    I love Zebras in general anyway. ^^

    - Sailor Kenshin, FPN

  4. Hey, Sailor Kenshin from FPN - nice to see you on my blog! I am finding that these pens go FAST, run through the ink quickly - but they're fun and it's worth it. They're getting a fair amount of action, too. :-)

  5. I wish those pens were still available! ( And, I made my first purchase from Jetpens this week - what a great site! )

  6. Oh no, those pens aren't at JetPens any more?? what a bummer!

  7. Just an update - these pens are no longer at JetPens, but I have a few I'm selling in my etsy store.