Monday, July 20, 2009

Hammerpress card with UK Fairies stamp

Hammerpress envelope + UK Fairies stamp

So I read about the release of the fantastic UK Mythical Creatures stamps from the ever-informative and delightful Letter Writers Alliance blog. I have been in awe of these stamps since their release - even contemplating paying international shipping for the very expensive Stamp cards of these gorgeous images... and then one of my pen pals from Scotland sent me a gorgeous letter with one of them! I was so excited to see one of these up close:

UK Fairies stamp

But the loveliness doesn't end there. This Scottish gal often uses lovely stationery, and this letter was also my first glimpse of the Hammerpress cards from Chronicle Books. (Sorry for the general link - I'm not sure if these are the Correspondence Cards or the Notecards. Chronicle Books, if you're reading my blog posting - your descriptions and image varieties on your website leave much to be desired.)

Hammerpress owl card

This card included more of the silver-ink highlights of the envelope, and had a green theme with a fantastic owl.

Hammerpress brown paper envelope + silver

Even the back of the envelope was lovely - I'm really charmed by the use of silver ink on the brown paper envelope.