Friday, July 3, 2009

Homemade airmail envelope

Homemade airmail envelope

This creative envelope-decorator put her own twist on the red-and-blue old-fashioned airmail envelope - she made her own! Yep, that's marker along the edges. What an excellent match it is with the red and blue star stamp!

V-mail stamp

I'd never seen the V-mail stamp before - didn't even realize there WAS a V-mail stamp. So awesome! On the inside, she wrote on printed downloads of mock-V-Mails available from The Letter Writers Alliance. If you want to have a look at those, check the LWA site post for V-mail free download. It's super-special, since it's not even a members-only goodie, so you too can share the love even if you're not an LWA member. (Though I do highly recommend membership, they are a fine, fine organization and I've gotten some of my best pen pals there.)