Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another attempt to photograph glimmer mist

Glimmer mist, can you see it?

Here I go again, trying to photograph the subtleties of glimmer mist.

You might have to view large to see the effect. I think it kind of shows up better on the dark areas of the stamps.

Can you see it?? I promise, it's better in person, preferably in direct sunlight.

[EDIT on 7/23: One of my astute readers just pointed out that I've not explained glimmer mist. That link will tell you more, but basically it is a non-aerosol glitter spray made for scrapbooking. It's water-based, acid-free and non-toxic... but it IS a bit messy, so I always spray outside or in the icky basement. It comes in a bunch of colors and is really great fun to use: Learn more about Tatterd Angels Glimmer Mist.]


  1. Is glimmer mist something that you spray on the envelopes - I'm not familiar with it.

  2. Oh wow, Okami, thanks for asking! I just went through all my posts on this and realized I've never explained it. I'm going to go back and edit this post to add the info!

  3. wow sounds like fun but cant use due to allergies . i swear I am allergic to everything lately .