Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another attempt to photograph glimmer mist

Glimmer mist, can you see it?

Here I go again, trying to photograph the subtleties of glimmer mist.

You might have to view large to see the effect. I think it kind of shows up better on the dark areas of the stamps.

Can you see it?? I promise, it's better in person, preferably in direct sunlight.

[EDIT on 7/23: One of my astute readers just pointed out that I've not explained glimmer mist. That link will tell you more, but basically it is a non-aerosol glitter spray made for scrapbooking. It's water-based, acid-free and non-toxic... but it IS a bit messy, so I always spray outside or in the icky basement. It comes in a bunch of colors and is really great fun to use: Learn more about Tatterd Angels Glimmer Mist.]