Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Darwin Day envelope, received

Happy Darwin Day
Remember back when I posted about the Postal Art For Darwin Day project? The very kind coordinator of said project sent me a letter to thank me for the post, and of course to celebrate Darwin Day, he made his own envelope with a lovely ape theme.

human eye inside Darwin Day envelope

Was it intentional that the inside of the envelope showed a human eye, or just really damn cool? Clearly the envelope evolved.

(Oh, and look - there's my awesome letter opener again!)

Here's more about the Postal Art for Darwin Day project, and you can see more fine examples of Darwin Day mail art on the sender's blog, including his blog post about this here creation. Darwin Day is this Friday, February 12 - maybe I'll show you what I sent him back for the occasion on Darwin Day itself.


  1. I love the fact that we have so many crafty ppl out there in the world and that they also are letter writers .

  2. I just saw these stamps the other day that would go perfectly with this topic: http://www.norvic-philatelics.co.uk/2009/02a-charles_darwin_200.htm

  3. That envelope is amazing. I seriously want to start making more envelopes now that I'm getting more people to write to (and now that I've seen your last entry with that envelope template).

  4. cool ... I love snail mail ... letter is on the way :)

  5. oneal - SO glad someone got that little joke! :-)

  6. I've missed Darwin Day :-( I need to keep myself aware of these things! Darwin postcard on the way Missive, better late than never I suppose...