Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Madness: a back-to-writing goal (100 by April 1)

You may have noticed that my blogging, and my letter-writing output, has been way down lately. This is partly because I've been super-busy (I always am, in January and February) and because I've been rather down myself. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, my life gets a lot more manageable in March, and I am really looking forward to digging back into letters again.

I will confess that there are well over 100 items in my needs-response pile, a combination of letters and postcards and even a few little packages. I must remedy this!

I know I'm not going to catch up completely and immediately, but I decided I would set a goal for myself, and share it with you to keep me on task. At first I thought I wanted to write 100 items of mail (postcards count, along with letters!) in March... but I'll be away for a few days in there, and I wondered if that was really do-able. But I had some unexpected free time on Tuesday this week, and I did a fair amount of writing then, so I decided that I'd count this week in the total. 100 letters in about 5 weeks is about 20 letters per week - totally do-able, and probably pretty ho-hum average for my summertime output.

So, the challenge has begun. By April 1 I hope to have sent out 100 pieces of mail. So far this week I've done 14 already (7 postcards, 7 letters), so hey - I'm well underway! I think I can easily achieve my goal, but I want to keep myself on task and see how far I can exceed it.

As usual, my style is not to grab a pile of 10 letters and postcards and say "I'll respond to all of these NOW!", but instead I give each item its due response. Sometimes one response takes 10 minutes and sometimes it takes two hours, but that's the way I roll.

So I hope, if I owe you a letter or postcard and have for months, that you will see a response from me in the coming weeks. I will keep you all updated on the status of my output and the status of my Pile!


  1. I know I have sent out at least twenty pieces of mail this wk some were little care pkgs some were letters and some were other things . I have fun when I write and love it when i see the response in the mail box !! good luck and I hope you get caught up soon .

  2. Good for you, phonelady! I know YOU are one of the ones in my pile who has been patiently awaiting a response from me. :-)

  3. Good luck! What a great goal! I don't even count my mail often maybe it is time to start :D Hope you enjoy both things I sent your way ;) Though I am certainly not in the months pile.. Perhaps you could get a Namiwrimo counter to help with your goal?

  4. Hurray for good challenges! I feel like I need a challenge like this to make sure I write more often. I haven't written a letter in more than a week – of course I've also been busy knitting, watching movies, hanging with friends, and oh yeah that school stuff... Luckily I don't have such a large letter pile (only three things to respond to right now, I still don't get tons of mail ;)), but it might be fun some day to challenge myself to something similarly.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been down recently! I hope the letter- and postcard-writing helps you feel better, and we'll all be sure to cheer you on in getting all that good mail sent out! :)

  5. So that's why the Postal Service had another big deficit. Keep it up, they need you!

  6. Pursue forth Missive Maven.

  7. Color me impressed! Keep up the good work.