Friday, February 26, 2010

Post postcard

Post postcard

This gorgeous postcard photo is the sender's own work. You know I squealed when I pulled this one out of my mailbox! Gorgeous photo, happy subject.

post postcard meta goodness

The back was just as meta-posty! I adore all the little mail-themed rubber stamps, and had to ask where she found them. (Etsy.) Maybe I'll have to acquire some - the mini pillar postbox is my fave! I love how she wrote my name in a little mail slot, too. Catwrangler has sent me some really, really fine mail lately, and I owe her a letter... surely that will happen somewhere in my March Madness challenge. Incidentally, regarding said challenge, I decided it would be really tedious to post about what I've written every single day, and instead am keeping the totals in a little table on my lefthand sidebar so we can all track my progress.

Zowie, it's been too long since I put a photo in my post! Thanks for bearing with all that text, time to get back to the pretty pictures. But, for the moment, time to get to work...