Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yet another penpal project

Although it seems that penpal projects started by individual bloggers come and go like dust in the wind (in my jaded long-term letter-writing mindset - remember, I've been doing this consistently since I knew how to hold a pencil as a little girl, and I'm in my mid-30s now - I tend to think it's because people get really enthusiastic, and then find out how much work it is to keep it up, and then quit - R.I.P Penpal Party, which I never even got a chance to join), I have enough blog readers and pen pals who ask me how to find more pen pals that I feel like I should mention something that sounds interesting - BIG CAVEAT - even when I don't really think I'll try it out myself. (I have enough of you blog readers who are still waiting for a letter back from me, oui?)

So, I just learned about The Indiefixx Pen Pal Project from the intrepid PostMuse (or is it Postmuse? She's still deciding and she's open to feedback, but however you capitalize it, her blog rocks).

Goodness, I am deeply parenthetical tonight, aren't I? Blame it on overwork. (I am doing 7 days a week from Feb. 15 - March 7. Don't ask.)

Anyhoo, this Penpal Project seems enthusiastic. If you're looking for more pen pals, it is a potential resource for you. If you sign up and participate, do let me know how it goes.