Thursday, February 18, 2010

February BPS

BPS February sent

This is my February offering for The Benevolent Postcard Society (BPS). It's from the Rex Ray postcard book by Chronicle Books, and I added the words on the front with letter stickers sent to me by a very kind and generous blog reader. I kind of like the effect.

Incidentally, I expressed my frustration with BPS in a prior post... I have faithfully sent postcards every month, and since the start in September, have received only two - or is it three now? This is a bummer since membership is limited, and there seem to be just a ridiculous number of flakers in that bunch. The founder, Lori, is very good at helping track down whether or not postcards arrived, but it turns out that I DID receive at least one of the ones I thought I didn't, because the sender gave no indication or marking that it was a postcard for the BPS project.

Folks, I get many postcards and letters every week, and especially if someone says "oh, I love your blog," I just assume it's a blog reader postcard. I've asked Lori to please remind people to note they are BPS postcards -- it seems the majority of the participants just get so little mail that any postcard they get from someone they don't know is assumed to be a part of this project, but this is not the case with me! -- but for the past two months that still hasn't happened. We'll see if such a reminder comes out with the March listing, but for now, my hopes are pretty low for receiving any back -- or knowing that I did, until Lori follows up and tells me that my February postcard was supposed to be from a Jane in Nowheresville, KS - and I'll look through my records and say, oh yeah, I had absolutely no idea that was a BPS postcard.

February BPS postcard sent

Anyhoo, here's the back of the postcard, sporting my new mailbox rubber stamp.


  1. that is an awesome rubber stamp where do you get yours from ?

  2. Hi phonelady - this one, like most of my rubber stamps, came from eBay.

  3. Continuing the stamp topic, do you get stamps that are already on blocks or not? It seems like it's cheaper without a block but I'd have no idea how you use them that way.

    That makes me feel so sad about the Benevolent Postcard Society. And makes me wish it were in it - more postcards, hurray! I'd make sure to write I'm part of the BPS. ;) I do think that most people these days don't realize that there still are some people in the world that get tons of real mail. Ahh, to be one of those people...

  4. Stephanie - I only buy mounted rubber stamps -- mounted on wood, that is. I don't mess with the clear stamps because I don't have the block and I've just never gotten into them.

  5. Good to know. I don't know if I'll ever understand the non-mounted-on-wood stamps, so I'm glad I'm not the only one (vaguely) avoiding them.

  6. Just wondering, does rubber stamp ink smear when it gets wet? I've started adding a little sticker or two (such as a smiley face & US Flag) to my Postcrossing postcards to add a little color and to try to jazz up the backside of the card a bit.

    Also, I just discovered the link to "mailbox map" in your "Resources" section. It is SO much easier and quicker to use than going to, and will come in handy when I am out of town. Thanks!

  7. Oneal629 - regarding rubber stamp ink smearing when wet, it depends on what kind of stamp pad/ink you use. Some do, some don't. Most of the time I use my big black archival ink pad, and it is waterproof when dry. Just about anything will smear while it's wet, but this particular stamp pad ink dries pretty quickly.

    Glad you like the mailbox map! I love it and use it all the time.