Thursday, February 18, 2010

February BPS

BPS February sent

This is my February offering for The Benevolent Postcard Society (BPS). It's from the Rex Ray postcard book by Chronicle Books, and I added the words on the front with letter stickers sent to me by a very kind and generous blog reader. I kind of like the effect.

Incidentally, I expressed my frustration with BPS in a prior post... I have faithfully sent postcards every month, and since the start in September, have received only two - or is it three now? This is a bummer since membership is limited, and there seem to be just a ridiculous number of flakers in that bunch. The founder, Lori, is very good at helping track down whether or not postcards arrived, but it turns out that I DID receive at least one of the ones I thought I didn't, because the sender gave no indication or marking that it was a postcard for the BPS project.

Folks, I get many postcards and letters every week, and especially if someone says "oh, I love your blog," I just assume it's a blog reader postcard. I've asked Lori to please remind people to note they are BPS postcards -- it seems the majority of the participants just get so little mail that any postcard they get from someone they don't know is assumed to be a part of this project, but this is not the case with me! -- but for the past two months that still hasn't happened. We'll see if such a reminder comes out with the March listing, but for now, my hopes are pretty low for receiving any back -- or knowing that I did, until Lori follows up and tells me that my February postcard was supposed to be from a Jane in Nowheresville, KS - and I'll look through my records and say, oh yeah, I had absolutely no idea that was a BPS postcard.

February BPS postcard sent

Anyhoo, here's the back of the postcard, sporting my new mailbox rubber stamp.